Dont Collect Hidden Information for Commenters


WordPress默认会收集评论者的IP地址和user agent,本插件杜绝了此事,使网站隐私友好。
WrodPress saves commenters’ ip addresses and user agents by default. The plugin prevents it and makes websites privacy-friendly.


  1. 在后台“安装插件”页面自行上传或搜索安装,也可以把插件文件置于「/wp-content/plugins/dont-collect-hidden-information-for-commenters」目录,然后在“已安装的插件”页面启用它。 Upload or search the plugin in ‘Add New’ page of the backend system. Then install and activate it. Or you can put the files into the directory ‘/wp-content/plugins/dont-collect-hidden-information-for-commenters’ and then activate it.
  2. 它没有设置界面,启用后立即静默工作。 The plugin has no options available. After activation, it will work in silent immediately.
  3. 在公开使用前请务必对它进行测试!作者仅在WordPress 5.8.3和5.9-RC2-52594及以上版本,主题模版Dashscroll 1.0.9及以上版本的环境中测试过它。 Test it before publicly using it! It has only been tested under environments of WrodPress 5.8.3 and 5.9-RC2-52594 or higher with theme Dashscroll 1.0.9 or higher by the author.


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Contributors & Developers

“Dont Collect Hidden Information for Commenters” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • 删除安装步骤描述中的重复内容,并为所有步骤提供英文描述。
  • Removed repeating content in Installation description and added English description for all steps in Installation.


  • 增加了中英文本插件无选项的说明。
  • Added a statement that the plugin has no options both in Chinese and English.


  • 增加了英文功能描述。
  • Added English description.


  • 首次发布。
  • First release.