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WooCommerce User Behaviour Analysis & Conversion Optimization plugin

Seeing where people click and what error messages annoyed them is now possible with HumCommerce Magic. See customers who can’t complete their purchase with session replays and figure out exactly why that sale didn’t happen.

HumCommerce Magic has advanced intelligence to identify and show you, where & why you lost a customer?

  • Recordings feature gives you the ability to virtually see the users screen, to understand how people use your site.
  • Identification feature can identify and report the users who saw error messages on your site.
  • Segmentation feature records the users who are trying to purchase but couldn’t complete the purchase.
  • False Clicks feature finds and records the users, who are clicking on things that aren’t even links.

HumCommerce Magic makes data-driven decisions very easy. It’s the only WooCommerce plugin that shows you exactly how much revenue was lost and why? It helps you decide which site changes matter the most.

Unlike any other plugins, there is no code or signup process, you just have to click on a button to get it working.

The best part is that all the reports are right within your WordPress Dashboard. You get daily alerts of precise and no-fluff reports with insights that matter.

HumCommerce Magic comes with a simple dashboard for WooCommerce. You can see a summary of customer experience, how much revenue was lost and the reason why you lost a potential customer?. Session recording playback feature makes it possible to view these recordings and replay what the customer experienced.

Once this plugin is installed, and activated, it monitors your website every day. After 24 hrs, it automatically generates the magic report. You get a daily summary email about the customer experience on your WooCommerce store. You can also login to the dashboard to see experience details of each visitor for the day.

In a nutshell, if you are serious about improving your customer experience: HumCommerce Magic is a must have WooCommerce plugin which is POWERFUL and extremely USEFUL.

***HumCommerce Magic Dashboard + Customer Experience Reports ***

*We believe that HumCommerce Magic plugin should save your time in analysing visitor analytics. It should also come up with reports which are actionable. That’s why HumCommerce Magic comes up with intelligence to automatically filter through your visitors to find out the reasons and session recordings that matter!

  • Abandoned Cart Report helps you know why visitors didn’t buy. Were there any website errors that stopped them from buying? It gives you insights like which country, cart value and a recording which you can play within your WordPress Dashboard to see what the customer saw.

  • False Click Report shows you the areas on your site where customers are clicking where there are no links. You can relook at your design to help your customers understand your site better.

See what Tod (E-Commerce business owner) is saying about HumCommerce:

I love how this CRO tool is specific to e-commerce. It lets us dial on each stage of our customer journey and fine-tunes drop-off points quickly in our funnels. Within the first day of installing we had already made positive iterations on the back of the data HumCommerce provided us.

See what Dave (E-Commerce business owner) is saying about HumCommerce:

Nothing short of being in awe as I realized the power of having accurate data of what people are doing on your site… tracking forms, and pages or products, this tool has it all…This is a must-have tool.


  • HumCommerce Getting Started
  • HumCommerce Recordings Table
  • Abandoned Cart Recording
  • HumCommerce Recordings


  1. Download plugin.
  2. Upload plugin from Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.

Manual Alternatives

  1. Extract & upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Do I need to sign up or pay for this plugin?

No, there is no signup or payment to be done to use this plugin. It’s a simple setup, only activate and click the button to allow the plugin to analyze your site visitors.

Is HumCommerce Magic GDPR Compliant?

HumCommerce Magic takes user privacy very seriously. It doesn’t record any user identifiable information. By default it suppresses all text-based on-page numbers and email addresses, input fields and some text in session recordings.

Can I use HumCommerce Magic with other analytics plugins like Google Analytics Plugin?

Sure. You can use any other analytics tools like Google Analytics plugin on your WordPress site.

Does HumCommerce Magic work on WordPress multisite?

No. Currently Magic is optimized to work only on standard WooCommerce websites, not on multisite instances.


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Contributors & Developers

“User Session Recording WooCommerce Plugin : HumCommerce Magic” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Ver 3.0.9 (10 Nov 2020)
* Fix : Fixed for vulnerability for analytics within the plugin.

Ver 3.0.8 (29 Oct 2020)
* Feature : Notify User with Email if no errors in his site for yesterday.
* Fix : Estimated Revenue lost message Changed.
* Fix : Active Date Issue Fixed for users using the version before 3.0.4
* Fix : Updated Messages in the plugin.

Ver 3.0.7 (21 Sep 2020)
* Fix : Calendar UI improvements

Ver 3.0.6 (17 Sep 2020)
* Fix : Improved compatibility with Wp-Rocket CDN mode ON

Ver 3.0.5 (16 Sep 2020)
* Improvement : Improved messaging and feedback in plugin UI

Ver 3.0.3 (4 Sep 2020)
* Feature : Show total estimated revenue loss for a particular day
* Improvement : Improved UI
* Fix : Ask customer for feedback when uninstalling plugin

Ver 3.0.2 (20 Aug 2020)
* Fix : Change youtube video link.
* Fix : Bug fix related to errors and deadclicks not visible.
* Fix : Add help icon.

Ver 3.0.1 (14 Aug 2020)
* Fix : Price formatting in the email.

Ver 3.0.0 (14 Aug 2020)
* Feature : Be able to watch recommended session recordings from wordpress admin itself

Ver 2.1.15 (1 Apr 2020)
* Fix : Removed dependency on woocommerce from the plugin.

Ver 2.1.14 (27 Mar 2020)
* Fix : Removed e-commerce integration.

Ver 2.1.13 (24 Dec 2019)
* Feature : Added a functionality to install the plugin automatically in OnBoarding process of HumCommerce Application.
* Feature : Added a functionality to set user ID in HumCommerce Application.

Ver 2.1.12 (7 Nov 2019)
* Fix: Added notice after user save’s the settings.
* Improvement: Change the HumCommerce URL in javascript tracking code

Ver 2.1.11 (25 Sept 2019)
* Fix: Undefined index warnings in debug log or showing it on frontend.

Ver 2.1.10 (30 Aug 2019)
* Fix: Javascript error in console when we visit category page.

Ver 2.1.9 (30 July 2019)
* Fix : fatal error in plugin when user does not have woocommerce plugin.
* Feature : Added functionality to create a funnel automatically when user change the settings of plugin.

Ver 2.1.8 (9 July 2019)
* Feature : Added validation to site ID and host.

Ver 2.1.7 (26 June 2019)
* Fix : E-Commerce data was not getting tracked as curl returning 301 response.

Ver 2.1.6 (18 June 2019)
* Feature : Added logging functionality instead of throwing exception if the product does not have sku.

Ver 2.1.5 (3 June 2019)
* Fix : Fixed PHP warnings filling the logs quickly.

Ver 2.1.4 (6 May 2019)
* Enhancement : Added PHP API for tracking woocommerce data to HumCommerce.

Ver 2.1.3 (18 April 2019)
* Enhancement : Updated plugin with WordPress coding standards.
* Fix : Added static host url if host url doesnot exist in option:humcommerce_option.

Ver 2.1.2 (12 April 2019)
* Enhancement : Loaded humdash.js in async fashion.

Ver 2.1.1 (12 March 2019)
* Fix : Fixed empty host url issue.

Ver 2.1.0 (22 Feb 2019)
* Enhancement : Rewrite the plugin as per wordpress coding standard.

Ver 2.0.3 (31 Jan 2019)
* Fix : fix order revenue mismatch.

Ver 2.0.2 (7 Jan 2019)
* Fix : added form validation.

Ver 2.0.1 (8 Oct 2018)
* Fix : Check wheather woocommerce is installed or not.

Ver 2.0 (10 Aug 2018)
* Feature : Added E-commerce Tracking.

Ver 1.0.0 (7 June 2018)
* Feature: Initial release.