Prevent files / folders access


WordPress Prevent files /folders access provides an easiest way to protect your wordpress files from public users so that your content can be accessed only by WordPress logged in users.

For restricted access you can choose to redirect users to 403 forbidden page, your custom page, SSO login page (if you are using OAuth or SAML SSO).

No change required or no manual work needed to create a private link to protect your files. Our plugin take care of everything.

We support level of security where you can choose either cookie base restriction or session base restriction.
Also we support Apache, NGINX and IIS server to prevent the media files.

We support any level of customization according to your requirement.

File Based Protection

WordPress Prevent file/folder access developed in a way that it allows you to protect many types of files in your customized way. It will protect files based on their extension.
You can protect file types below:

  • Images – Every type of image files can be protected. eg: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, bmp, webp, pfg, ico, psd, etc.
  • Videos – Every type of video files can be protected. eg: mp4, m4a, m4v, f4v, f4a, m4b, m4r, f4b, mov, 3gp, avi etc.
  • Documents – Every type of document files can be protected. eg: doc, docx, html, pdf, txt, ppt, xls, xlsx, pptx, odt.


WordPress Prevent file/folder access allows you to customize redirect option after the files restriction.

  • 403 forbidden page (DEFAULT) – Users will be shown with 403 forbidden page with restricted access messasge.
  • Display custom page – We can redirect users to any WordPress custom page when they try to access a restricted files or folders.
  • WordPress login – Users will be redirected to the WordPress default login page.
  • IDP login – Users will redirect to the selected IDP (SAML/OAuth) login page and after IdP authentication they can see the restricted content.

Protected folder

  • Our plugin also gives you a protected folder where you can add all file type extensions and restriction will be applied to all files inside protected folder.

Folder Based Protection

  • WordPress Prevent files / folders access allows you to protect your folders too, the wp-content or uploads folder where all the media files like image, video and document files stored will also be protected.
  • Users have option to protect particular month’s media files.
  • User Base Restriction – A single user can access only a single folder. (Admin would be able to access all the folders)
  • Role Base Restriction – All the users of the particular role can access only a single folder. (Admin would be able to access all the folders)

We support LearnDash and other LMS to restrict files and folders according to different groups.

Also, We provide Page and Post Restriction which provides content control for WordPress sites.
This provides Page Restriction and Post Restriction i.e. control on content access based on User Roles. It also allows providing content access to only Logged In Users to specific or all pages and posts.

You can customize the restriction rules and use it as per needs.


  • Configuration
  • Permission to update htaccess file
  • Rules preview based on configuration
  • Upload files in protected folder
  • Folder based restriction
  • Contact us or support


I need to customize the plugin or I need support and help?

Please email us at or Contact us. You can also submit your query from plugin’s configuration page.


মে' 14, 2021
Plugin doesnt work. Contacted support for 2 days in a row before using a different plugin which worked out of the box. They refuse to refund! I'm trying a credit card charge back. Hopefully this goes through! They are flat out refusing a refund. What a scam of a company!
এপ্ৰিল 28, 2021
Solves a serious WordPress shortcoming very elegantly. Can be a bit tricky to get it going, but thanks to a very helpful support, no real problem.
এপ্ৰিল 21, 2021
Outstanding support on a great plugin. Got in touch with a small problem, which ended up being my own mistake, but support got me up and running in no time at all. Highly recommended.
মাৰ্চ 12, 2021
After the upgrade we had a small technical problem that was quickly resolved. The plugin works fine and the support is great. Keep it up!
জানুৱাৰী 12, 2021
I recently purchased the Enterprise licence for a charity we're helping. I am honestly blown away by the level service miniOrange provided - they went way beyond anything I would've expected. The Prevent Files / Folder Access is a brilliant tool for restricting and controlling media access based on WP User Roles. I would highly recommend miniOrange to anyone who absolutely needs restricted file/folder access. A special thank you to Abhishek, Dhruv and the miniOrange team.
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  • WordPress 5.6 Compatibility


  • Bug fixes
  • Added support for NGINX server within the premium and Enterprise plugin


  • Bug fixes
  • New Enterprise plan


  • Fix file permissions issue for the protected folder


  • Fix the Bootstrap conflict with the WP-admin and Permission issue


  • Change method of writing rules in htaccess file


  • File Deletion issue fixed


  • Initial release