Dooodl is a fun plugin for your blog that allows your visitors to draw a little doodle and save it to your site. It’s a bit like a guestbook but less boring and more visual, aka more fun!

Show the doodles in a widget, with a shortcode, or use any plugin that allows you to show a grid/list of a custom post type. If you do this look for the custom post type, dooodl.



  1. Make sure to first backup your database
  2. Upload the Dooodl folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Add the ‘Dooodl’ widget to your sidebar or use the shortcodes to embed the creator/gallery in a page or post of your liking
  5. You’re set!


My WordPress Theme doesn’t support widgets. Can I still use this plugin?

Yes you can! At least if you’re ok with opening up some of your theme files and adding a bit of code to where you want the widget to appear. Adding the following where you want the Dooodl-widget to appear should get you going: if (function_exists("Dooodl_widget")) Dooodl_widget();

Or, use a shortcode that comes with the plugin. You’ll find them in the settings. Alternatively, use any plugin that lets you show custom post types.

Dooodl is not compatible on touch screen devices at this time due to scrolling issues. A fix should come in a future version.


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জুন 28, 2019
Use it on a website for children and they love. Wish it could have been developed further with slightly higher resolution and more tools.
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Contributors & Developers

“Dooodl” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Fixed major non-passive event listener error in sketch.js
  • Made submission form smaller for small screens


  • Updates to make it more usable on touchscreens


  • Update global version
  • Small CSS changes
  • Update readme


  • Maintainer change; plugin working again
  • Various visual changes
  • Beginning to remove flash support


  • Cleaned up some jQuery setups from the first versions of the plugin. This resolves frontend-plugin interference users were reporting.


  • Fixed a code style issue where older versions of PHP would encounter syntax errors


  • Fixed a bug where mails would no longer be sent after a new Dooodl is published


  • Changed a setting in the migration manager where the batch feature would update 10 Dooodls at a time but seen as some servers don’t handle this well, I reduced that number to 1 Dooodl at a time.


  • Fixed a bug where the Doodls upload folder would not be created and thus the image would be lost upon save.


  • Removed one more short-opening PHP tag that would cause ‘unexpected file endings’ on some servers.


  • Removed a few short-opening PHP tags that would cause ‘unexpected file endings’ on some servers.


  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t be able to edit Dooodl’s using the ‘Edit post’ UI


  • Added a corrected version of the update checker. Plugins that update from 1.x versions should now be redirected to the Dooodl Manager immediately. This should be fine now.
  • Added Dashboard Widget information and screenshot


  • Added version checker upon plugin startup as the register-activation hook is no longer fired when using automatic updates.


  • All new WP-Admin Dooodl-management (Powered by Redux and ACF)
  • Dooodl migration manager (from old versions of Dooodl to Dooodl 2.0)
  • Dooodl is now a post-type in WordPress. Lots of new possibilities for the future!
  • The gallery and creator have their own URL’s and no longer guide your visitors to your plugin folder
  • The Dooodl plugin no longer executes SQL statements directly. One less security threat possible!
  • All strings have been implemented using the WordPress translation engine: You can now localize Dooodl!
  • The widget has been updated so you can choose wether you want to add a title to the widget or not.
  • Made Dooodl HTTP/S unaware.
  • Added a WordPress Dashboard Widget


  • Added shortcodes to add the creator and the gallery in a page/post. Check out the FAQ to find out how to use them.


  • Fixed a bug in the gallery where the creator link would not point to the right directory.


  • Fixed a bug where a duplicate function gets loaded and blocks new Dooodls from being saved.


  • Fixed a bug where the email notification would not have the new Dooodl attached to it.


  • Fixed plenty of minor AMFPHP bugs.
  • Built an HTML5 version of the creator
  • Added the option to pick the V2 creator or revert back to the V1.
  • Necessary update changes in the file structure.


  • Fixed a bug where the intro-text color in the viewer doesn’t correctly work.


  • Replaced short opening PHP tags by full PHP tags and added closing tags everywhere for server compatibility.
  • Fixed a bug where new installations of the plugin would show an empty widget template by default.


  • Fixed the ‘dooodls aren’t saved’ bug that has been tormenting many users for years. Thanks Fischi for the help!


  • Fixed a bug where Dooodls in the moderation queue would show up in the HTML gallery


  • Lot’s of new features
  • Moderation is now possible (dooodls have to be approved before they’re shown in the sidebar)
  • Admin panel to moderate new Dooodls
  • Emails upon new Dooodl submission
  • Customizable widget look
  • Customizable look of the Flash and HTML Gallery
  • Choose between Flash gallery or HTML version
  • Added endless scrolling to the HTML gallery. (Previous versions would load all Dooodls at once)
  • Updated Database structure (added moderation column)
  • Changed WP-admin setup
  • Tiny optimizations and changes to accomodate the new WordPress API’s
  • The old V1 Flash Creator has been removed as it has been fully replaced by the HTML5 version.


  • Changed the way the brush in the creator is shown. Before it would just be a colored square which wouldn’t be visible if held up above the same colored background. Fixed that now 🙂
  • The background color of the canvas is always random from now on. That means less of the same colors in the rest of the submitted doodles!
  • Fixed a little layout bug in the creator.


  • Little Javascript error.
  • Note: Ever since Shadowbox-js updated the autoload() doesn’t work anymore…


  • Added stripslashes to the widget. Overlooked that a few times. My bad 🙂


  • Changed the xml.php output in order to make sure the content is fully validated.


  • Fixed a compatibility issue caused by a action_handler in the plugin.


  • stripslash()ed the description and the title in the Viewer HTML and XML feeds.


  • Enabled the plugin to be called using if (function_exists("Dooodl_widget")) Dooodl_widget(); in themes that are not widget-ready.


  • Minor Bugfixes


  • Added a smaller brush to the Dooodl Creator.


  • Updated and optimized the uninstall procedure to delete the /uploads/doodls/ folder and its contents if the Remove Doodls Option is checked.


  • Updated the install procedure to add the 1.jpg (the default doodle) to the uploads/doodls/ folder.


  • Moved the save folder to /wp_content/uploads/doodls/ to make sure upgrading the plugin doesn’t delete the images when updating.
  • Code cleaning


  • Added deeplinking
  • Added settings link in the plugin list


  • First public version as a plugin


  • This was the first version (not open to the public)