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Easy Modal


Did you know, that Easy Modal has a fancy new replacement called Popup Maker? It is the highest user rated popup & modal plugin available for WordPress.

  • Unlimited themes
  • Precision Targeting, Triggers & Cookies
  • Customize everything
  • Full line of extensions
  • Extensive Documentation & Developer APIs
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We hope you enjoy using Popup Maker to destroy your old conversion rates!

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If you’re an existing Easy Modal user, transitioning from Easy Modal to Popup Maker is a snap with our custom Importer! See How!


  1. Login to WordPress and update to/install EasyModal version 2.0.13.
  2. For current users, settings from previously existing functionality will be imported to the appropriate Addons containing respective functionality automatically.
  3. Theme, customize, and make a popup in minutes.


Installation Instructions
  1. Login to WordPress and update to/install EasyModal version 2.0.13.
  2. For current users, settings from previously existing functionality will be imported to the appropriate Addons containing respective functionality automatically.
  3. Theme, customize, and make a popup in minutes.


আগষ্ট 25, 2019
ads ads ads ads ads go pro, go pro, go pro, go pro….
জুন 7, 2018 1 reply
Сегодня при переустановки CMS WP, плагин начал очень хорошо кушать ресурсы (10+сек ожидания). Решил не заморачиваться и поискать аналоги этого плагина с более свежей поддержкой CMS+плагина.
মাৰ্চ 13, 2017 4 replies
Очень сырой плагин, давно не обновлялся. Раз от раза, при открытии, модальное окно не центрируется по области экрана. Не рекомендую.
অক্টোবৰ 11, 2016
This is a really great plugin. Even with free version you can do a lot of things with it.
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Contributors & Developers

“Easy Modal” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Tweak: Added a dismissible notice to the admin to let users know about Popup Maker.
  • Fix: Patched minor security vulnerability.
    • Discovered with DefenseCode ThunderScan Source Code Security Analyzer by Neven Biruski
    • This can only be exploited by a user who already has access to the admin with a valid nonce.


  • Tweak: Updated language domain information for upcoming translation by glotpress.


  • Bug
    • Added backward compatibiilty fix for deprecated JS function.


  • Bug
    • Changed misspelled function name in site js.
    • Included jQuery cookie and emodal utilities – strtotime JS function
  • Improvement
    • Added callbacks to open and animation.
    • Added display:none to modals by default.
    • Added script deference.
    • Registered jquery cookies and emodal utilities strtotime js.


  • Bug
    • Fixed a bug with visibility that happened before a modal is opened.
    • Fixed misconfiguration in admin javascript.
    • Fixed bug in click even for modal links.
    • Fixed an issue with responsive modals.
    • Fixed issue with trashed modals appearing in drop downs.
    • Fixed compatibility issues by adding jquery-ui-core.
  • Improvement
    • Updated the visuals for default theme options to make them more user friendly.
    • Added per_page parameter and changed default to 10 per page.
    • Moved convert_hex into emodal utitlities.
    • Removed unused is_active column from tables.
    • Reorganized some triggers.
    • Added default modal settings.


  • Bug
    • Fixed bugs in the Update API and Addon API that were causing extremely high loading times.
    • Fixed bug with Admin Notice.
    • Fixed numerous issues with modal and theme defaults which caused problems in the Java Script.
    • Fixed a bug with Existing Pro Addon causing compatibility issues.


  • Bug
    • Fixed a bug in the default theme causing it to appear broken.
    • Fixed bugs in missing options and defaults being applied.
    • Fixed issues with modals closing.
    • Fixed PHP backward compatability issues.
    • Table relationship fixes and API change.
  • Improvement
    • Updates for new licensing system and API.
    • Added reset options.
    • Reorganized settings page.
    • WordPress Admin GUI Improvements.


  • Bug
    • Removed unused files.
    • Check for count of modals before looking up meta.
    • Added note for admins.
    • If old modals exist dont create demo data.
    • Fixed issue with JS error when overlay was disabled.
    • Fixed bugs for PHP 5.2 computability.
  • Improvement
    • Added Reset, Migrate from v1.3 and earlier, and Uninstall functionality to settings page.


  • Bug
    • Patched bug in migration.


  • Bug
    • Bug fix “class not found”.


  • Bug
    • Fixed Typos
    • Added min-width:1em to close button
    • Removed class modal from modals. Conflict with bootstrap css. All styles under emodal class now.


  • Bug
    • Bug in migration for pro users.
    • Removed preview button until its functional.


  • Bug
    • Bugs in addons page fixed.
    • Fixed bug in site JS.


  • Bug
    • Fixed api request args bug.


  • Bug
    • Fixed bug in easy modal admin page detection.
    • Replaced get_option with emodal_get_option for multisite compatiblity.


  • Bug
    • Fixed migration failure bug.


  • Bug
    • Fixed whitespace bug in sidebar.php


  • Bug
    • Most bugs from previous versions have been addressed!
  • Improvement
    • EasyModal has been rewritten to support platforming, extendability, and customization
    • Introduced EasyModal Add Ons as part of the platform
    • Introduced Hooks & Filters Code Base as part of the extendability and customization of the plug-in
    • There are now triple the theme settings, including:
    • Pixel perfect positioning of the modal container, its’ shadows, and its’ text shadows
    • Pixel perfect positioning of the close button, its’ shadows, and its’ text shadows
    • Create your own custom background images for the overlay, modal container and close button (Pro Only)
    • Modals now have an additional animation type and smoother animations, plus you can customize the animations’ origins and finish positions
    • We have added modal positioning options to both set the modal to fixed positioning as well as the ability to place it:
    • To the right, to the left, on the bottom, or on the top
    • Plus, use associated settings to place the modal exactly where you want, down to the pixel!
    • Added the ability to use Auto Open Modals on scroll position (Pro Only)
    • Plus many, many more options to personalize and customize your modal any way you like!
  • Add Ons
    • Added the EasyModal Pro Add On
    • This add on upgrades your Core Version to the Pro Version
    • Added the Exit Modals Add On (Pro & Pro Developer Only)
    • This add on allows you to create modals and pop-ups that appear when a user attempts to leave or exit your site
    • Added the Login Modals Add On (Pro & Pro Developer Only)
    • This add on gives you the ability to have login forms appear in a pop-up
    • Added the Import/Export Add On (Pro & Pro Developer Only)
    • This add on imports and exports settings from the EasyModal Plug-In
    • Added the Age Verification Add On (Pro & Pro Developer Only)
    • This add on will pop-up and prompt users to verify their age by inputting the information in a form (or drop down), or use a simple button (click to proceed) format


  • Bug

    • [EM-67] – Modal Custom Height Not Working
    • [EM-69] – Undefined variable: user_login
  • Improvement

    • [EM-51] – Videos play when modals are closed


  • Bug
    • [EM-63] – Path issue for gravityforms.php and shortcodes.php


  • Bug
    • [EM-5] – Modal is offcenter on mobile screens
    • [EM-6] – Fatal error: easy-modal-pro.php:122
    • [EM-7] – Modal title styles not applied
    • [EM-8] – Registration modal not working properly.
    • [EM-19] – GF Form detection and auto load scripts.
  • Improvement
    • [EM-4] – Added Shortcodes
    • [EM-48] – Add modal display setting on modal list. Sitewide etc.
    • [EM-52] – Move jquery animate color script to its own file and enqueue.


  • Several changes to the pro version and import from older versions.


  • Added filter to add meta boxes and em options to custom post types.


  • Fixes compatibility issues with Ultimate TinyMCE Plugin.
  • Added plugin update notes to plugin page when updates are available.


  • Fixed CSS z-index issues ( set modal z-index to 999, and overlay to 998 to make sure they are above other elements )
  • Fixed an issue with upgrading from previous versions.


  • Fixed data migration issue ( wasn’t setting sites to sitewide )
  • Added filters for modal content. Use add_filter(’em_modal_content’, ‘your_custom_function’); function your_custom_function($content);


  • Fixed issue of undefined array key.


  • Fixed issue that caused wp editor to not load with certain themes.


  • Code has been rewritten from ground up, JS, admin panels etc.
  • Added animations
  • Added responsive modals
  • Added several additional settings.


  • Fix for installation glitch.


  • Release v1.0.0 Is a was rebuilt from the ground up. Features Include:
  • Unlimited Modals
  • Lighter Filesizes for Faster Loading
  • Auto Centers no matter what the content
  • Recenters on window resize/move


  • Bug Fix in Settings page color picker.


  • Bug Fix in CSS Fixes Form scrolling only when needed.


  • Bug Fix in CSS Fixes Form scrolling.


  • Bug Fix in JS (Missing ” fixed)


  • Bug Fix in JS (Affected loading of content into window)


  • Bug Fix in JS (Affected WordPress versions below 3.1)

  • Bug Fix in JS (Affected IE7).


  • Added “Default” Theme for Modal windows. Includes CF7 Styles and Inline AJAX Styleing. See Screenshots.
  • Default Options Tweaked for better OOB Experience.
  • Added Version to WP Options table to provide better update functionality.


  • Overlay Click to Close Option
  • Auto Position Option
  • Position Top Option
  • Position Left Option
  • Auto Resize Option


  • Added Overlay Color Picker.


  • Added Height & Width options.


  • Initial Release