Spreadsheet Integration – Connect Google Sheets With WordPress, WooCommerce & Most Popular Form Plugins.


WordPress Google Sheets Integration, Connects WordPress events and it’s most popular plugin with Google Spreadsheet via Google API and
Service Account. WordPress events like new user registration, Delete user, New post, Update post, a New page, a user log in, and
user logout along with Advanced Custom Fields fields. It also Integrates
WooCommerce, Contact form 7, ninja form, Formidable & WPform submission events.

Spreadsheet Itegration is the first & Only Google service 
account Authenticated plugin in the WordPress plugin 
repository. Now you don't have to give permission to 3rd 
party, More secure & reliable. Just share your Spreadsheet 
with your own service account. No need expensive  Zapier or 
ITTF for WordPress Google Spreadsheet Integration.


  1. Unlimited integrations: Create as many integrations as you want and collect all the data you need with as many fields you want.

  2. Privacy and Security: Very Secure, just share your google sheet with service account email address, no 3rd party authentication access, the private sheet only.

  3. Drop Down & Select: Build the integrations of your dream with its fully featured Drop Down & Select options.

  4. Auto Google Spreadsheet & Worksheet: No need to copy or past sheet name just select more safe.

  5. No restrictions on Event fields : There is No restrictions on Event fields, you can pass your won text via fields.

  6. One Click Google Spreadsheet Columns title Create : just click to create integrated sheet column titles.

  7. Google service account Authentication : Spreadsheet Integration is the first & only one service account Authenticated plugin in the WordPress plugin repository .

‘Professional version of Spreadsheet Integration is also the Best plugin for Intreating WooCommerce with Google Sheets. It supports Almost all data source of WooCommerce. You can easily sync WooCommerce event Data to Google Sheet. You can use the Professional version for 14 days as a Trial.’


  1. WooCommerce [PRO]: This plugin syncs wooCommerce new order, wooCommerce Orders status Change, wooCommerce new Product and Product information update data to google sheet.

  2. wordPress Meta data [PRO] : In this plugins Professional version, you can able to integrate WordPress Metadata as an event data source! Wow

  3. Contact form 7: This plugin can sync Contact form 7 form submission data to google sheet.

  4. ACF- Advanced Custom Fields [PRO]: Spreadsheet integration supports ACF data fields.

  5. ninja form [PRO]: Spreadsheet Integration supports ninja forms form submission data to google sheet.

  6. Formidable [PRO]: Spreadsheet Integration supports Formidable forms form submission data to google sheet.

  7. WPform [PRO]: Sync WP form submission data to google sheet.

  8. weForms [PRO]: This plugin also syncs weForm form submission data to google sheet.

Thanks: Heartiest Gratitude to all of my users who inspired me and suggest me and compliment me in many ways, you guys are Awesome. Without yours support and love it was impossible to maintain this huge codebase. Please accept my sincere thanks.

Creating Integration

Google API and Service account Creation


  • WordPress New user registration, User Profile Updates, User Login, User Logout ,Delete User Profile to Google Sheets Integration events are:

    • User ID
    • User Name
    • User First Name
    • User Last Name
    • User Nickname
    • User Display Name
    • Event Name
    • User Description
    • User Email
    • User Last Login
    • User Registration Date
    • User Role
  • WordPress New post, update post & New page to Google Spreadsheet Integration events are:

    • Post ID
    • Post Author ID
    • Post Author User name
    • Post Author Display Name
    • Post Author Email
    • Post Title
    • Post Date
    • Post Date GMT
    • Post Content
    • Post Excerpt
    • Post Status
    • Event Name
    • Comment Status
    • Ping Status
    • Post Password
    • Post Name
    • To Ping
    • Pinged
    • Post Modified
    • Post Modified GMT
    • Post Parent
    • Guid
    • Menu Order
    • Post Type
    • Post Mime Type
    • Comment Count
    • Filter
  • WordPress Comment to Google Spreadsheet Integration events are:

    • Comment ID
    • Comment Date
    • Comment Author
    • Comment Author Email
    • Comment Author Url
    • Comment Content
    • Comment Type
    • Comment User ID
    • Comment Author IP
    • Comment Agent
    • Comment Date
    • Comment Date GMT
    • Filtered
    • Comment Approved

3rd Party plugin integrations is NOT Free, supported plugin events are

  • WooCommerce New product to Google Spreadsheet Integration events are:

    • Product ID
    • Type
    • Name
    • Slug
    • Date created
    • Date modified
    • Status
    • Event name
    • Featured
    • Catalog visibility
    • Description
    • Short description
    • SKU
    • Menu order
    • Virtual
    • Permalink
    • Price (professional version)
    • Regular price (professional version)
    • Sale price (professional version)
    • Date on sale from (professional version)
    • Date on sale to (professional version)
    • Total sales (professional version)
    • Tax status (professional version)
    • Tax class (professional version)
    • Manage stock (professional version)
    • Stock quantity (professional version)
    • Stock status (professional version)
    • Back orders (professional version)
    • Sold individually (professional version)
    • Purchase note (professional version)
    • Shipping class id (professional version)
    • Weight (professional version)
    • Length (professional version)
    • Width (professional version)
    • Height (professional version)
    • Dimensions (professional version)
    • Attributes (professional version)
    • Default attributes (professional version)
    • Categories (professional version)
    • Category ids (professional version)
    • Tag ids (professional version)
    • Image id (professional version)
    • Image (professional version)
    • Gallery image ids (professional version)
  • WooCommerce New Order & Order Status Change to Google Spreadsheet Integration events are:

    • Order ID
    • Cart tax (professional version)
    • Currency (professional version)
    • Discount tax (professional version)
    • Discount total (professional version)
    • Fees (professional version)
    • Shipping tax (professional version)
    • Shipping total (professional version)
    • Subtotal (professional version)
    • Subtotal to display (professional version)
    • Tax totals (professional version)
    • Taxes (professional version)
    • Total (professional version)
    • Total discount (professional version)
    • Total tax (professional version)
    • Total refunded (professional version)
    • Total tax refunded (professional version)
    • Total shipping refunded (professional version)
    • Item count refunded (professional version)
    • Total qty refunded (professional version)
    • Remaining refund amount (professional version)
    • Items (professional version)
    • Item count (professional version)
    • Downloadable items (professional version)
    • Customer id (professional version)
    • User id (professional version)
    • User (professional version)
    • Customer ip address (professional version)
    • Customer user agent (professional version)
    • Created via (professional version)
    • Customer note (professional version)
    • Date created (professional version)
    • Date modified (professional version)
    • Date completed (professional version)
    • Date paid (professional version)
    • Billing first name
    • Billing last name
    • Billing company
    • Billing address 1
    • Billing address 2
    • Billing city
    • Billing state
    • Billing postcode
    • Billing country
    • Billing email
    • Billing phone
    • Shipping method
    • Shipping first name
    • Shipping last name
    • Shipping company
    • Shipping address 1
    • Shipping address 2
    • Shipping city
    • Shipping state
    • Shipping postcode
    • Shipping country
    • Address
    • Shipping address map url
    • Formatted billing full name
    • Formatted shipping full name
    • Formatted billing address
    • Formatted shipping address
    • Payment method (professional version)
    • Payment method title (professional version)
    • Transaction id (professional version)
    • Checkout payment url (professional version)
    • Checkout order received url (professional version)
    • Cancel order url (professional version)
    • Cancel order url raw (professional version)
    • Cancel endpoint (professional version)
    • View order url (professional version)
    • Edit order url (professional version)
    • Status
    • Event name
  • Contact form 7 form Submission to Google Spreadsheet

    • Text fields
    • Text Area fields (professional version)
    • Number (professional version)
    • tel (professional version)
  • ninja form Submission to Google Spreadsheet

    • Text fields
    • Text Area fields (professional version)
    • Number (professional version)
    • tel (professional version)
  • Formidable form Submission to Google Spreadsheet

    • Text fields
    • Text Area fields (professional version)
    • Number (professional version)
    • tel (professional version)
  • WPform Submission to Google Spreadsheet

    • Text fields
    • Text Area fields (professional version)
    • Number (professional version)
    • tel (professional version)
  • weForms Submission to Google Spreadsheet

    • Text fields
    • Text Area fields (professional version)
    • Number (professional version)
    • tel (professional version)
  • ACF- Advanced Custom Fields Advanced Custom Fields to Google Spreadsheet

    • All Custom Fields (professional version)
  • Upcoming integration are

    • Option Monster.
    • More From Plugins.


  • Overall plugin view.
  • Integration list.
  • Create new integration.
  • Settings page.
  • Google Service Account Create new Api project.
  • Google Service Account Create Credentials.
  • Selecting the API project.
  • Google Service Account API list.
  • Service account credentials.


Modern Way:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  2. Search For “Spreadsheet Integration “.
  3. Install, then Activate it.
  4. Follow the step-by-step documentation on settings page

Old Way:

  1. Upload Spreadsheet Integration to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Follow the step-by-step documentation on settings page


Where does it save logs and service account credentials?

It saves those data in the installed site database.

Does this plugin support custom post type as a data source?

Nop it doesn’t support custom post type as a data source. but you can use MetaData as a data Source in the Professional version.

My service account configuration and credentials is ok but why not spreadsheets are Displaying ?

You have to share your service account email address with Google spreadsheets.

What is google service account?

A service account is a special type of Google account intended to represent a non-human user that needs to authenticate and be authorized to access data in Google APIs.

How to Get more help?

If you need more help, please open a support ticket from this plugin menu.


এপ্ৰিল 23, 2021
Great plugin! One awesome, simple and free solution. Support of the developer is unconditional and fast. Thank you so much.
জানুৱাৰী 15, 2021
The developer is super helpful and the plugin works like a charm!
নৱেম্বৰ 4, 2020
Works perfectly and integration steps were easy to follow.
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Contributors & Developers

“Spreadsheet Integration – Connect Google Sheets With WordPress, WooCommerce & Most Popular Form Plugins.” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



v3.3.0 (11 Jan, 2021)

  • Bug fix.
  • wordPress version 5.6 compatibility.
  • Comment edit Event added as data source.
  • Meta Data added as data source in the Professional version.

v3.2.0 (31 Oct, 2020)

  • ACF fix.
  • WooCommerce fix.
  • ACF Fields Added to Login and Logout.

v3.1.0 (21 Oct, 2020)

  • CF7 Bug fix.
  • CF7 New Regex.

v3.0.0 (4 Aug, 2020)

  • User Bug fix.
  • More readable code.
  • Google First Sheet Bug fix.
  • Banner & Icon Change.
  • Contact form 7 bug fix.

v2.0.0 (6 July, 2020)

  • weForm added.
  • ACF bug fix.

v1.0.0-beta.1 (21 May, 2020)

  • Initial Release version.